Meet Etz Chaim’s Participant: Danielle Kassof


Danielle Kassoff grew up in Howard County and went to undergrad in University of Michigan where she majored in Pre-Med and Women’s Studies. She then moved back to Baltimore to pursue a Masters in Nursing from the University of Maryland in Baltimore, which she just completed this December. Danielle found out about Etz Chaim through her mother, Donna, who is one of the founders of J-WoHoCo in addition to being their Synagogue president. Last spring, Danielle was a member of the J-Care Fellowship pilot program, where she was matched with two families in need. She gained so much from the program that she signed up for a second round this year.

“I’ve always been into community service and giving back,” she explained. “I try to focus the things I do around helping people which led me to get my degree in nursing. I also wanted to get more involved in the Jewish community. Etz Chaim’s J-Care Fellowship offered me a chance to volunteer while helping the Jewish community. What better way to give back then with people who also share the same values and beliefs? It’s a win-win situation: I get to enjoy the good feelings of doing community service and the community benefits at the same time!”

Danielle’s currently involved in various Jewish groups and volunteer options in Baltimore and recently moved into Moishe House, where she will be helping to create additional programming for young professionals in Baltimore.

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