That’s What Friends are For

You may have heard about matchmakers for dating, but some may be surprised to hear that we have matchmakers to help people find friends. Etz Chaim’s Partners in Torah has paired over 100 sets of chavrusas or “friends” for weekly learning sessions. Although the idea of learning in pairs may have seemed strange to those without a yeshiva background, once the participants got a taste of chavrusa learning, they were hooked for good! To date, the program sessions take place either over the phone, in small groups, or at Etz Chaim’s Wednesday night event. Partners choose any topics of interest from the weekly Torah portion, to Jewish philosophy, self-improvement, and ethics. “I look forward to my one hour session all week,” one new participant shared. “It gives me inspiration to get through the rest of the week!” Plans are underway to expand the program to attract even greater numbers of participants. Bring a friend. If not, we’ll find you one!

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