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Young Professionals

If you’re a young professional who wants to explore Judaism, give back, and make new friends, Etz Chaim is the place for you. You’ll find a wide variety of opportunities to volunteer, connect, learn, and grow with a community of like-minded peers.

Welcome to our young professionals program! We offer a variety of fun events where you can meet with old friends and make new ones.

  • Social events such as a night at 5 Iron, Trivia night, Axe-throwing, Craft Night

  • Cocktails & Conversations: A program that includes dinner & drinks, a fun volunteering activity, and lightly guided conversation. 

  • The J-Care Program: A select group of individuals that meet regularly to volunteer, discover Jewish wisdom, and travel to Israel & Poland APPLY HERE!

  • Shabbat and Holiday Programs

  • Small groups and 1:1 meetings with our educators. 

Past Events

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Purim masquerade  social (2).jpg
Cocktails &Conversations (10).jpg
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