Young Professionals 

If you’re a young professional who wants to give back, explore Judaism, and be a part of something bigger, apply for Etz Chaim’s J-Care Fellowship. You’ll spend six transformative months volunteering, connecting, learning, and growing with a community of like-minded peers. You’ll enjoy getting to know Chana Grove, our dedicated J-Care director, and Benyamin Moss, our inspiring J-Care rabbi.


​Unique opportunities where spending a small amount of time can make a major impact!

• Chanuka and Purim party for kids in the hospital

• Baking challah together for families in need

• Delivering care packages 

• Tutoring

• Grocery shopping for families 


Spend two amazing weekends together with all the fellows.


Go on a highly subsidized, volunteering/ experiential learning trip to Israel for 10 days at the end of June through the July 4th weekend.


Focus on concepts such as:

• Relationships

• Anti-semitism

• Work-fun balance

• Israel

• Unlocking your potential

• And more!

What's Happening at J-Care

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Covid-19 and J-Care

The COVID-19 Pandemic that has swept the world has definitely made an impact on us and how we do things here at J-Care.

We still aim to go full steam ahead with our 2020-21 program by also abiding by the health and safety guidelines that are set out for us.


What will this look like? 

For the immediate future, this may include:

Zoom Meetings

Outdoor/ Socially distanced get-togethers

Volunteering Opportunities for high risk families such as Grocery Shopping and Tutoring via Zoom

We will keep you posted on what else we are planning for our program and hopefully we will be able to get back to our regular activities sooner than we think.

Stay safe,

J-Care Team

What's Happening at J-Care

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