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About Etz Chaim 

Do you want to bring more Judaism into your life, but don’t know where to start?

Would you like to meet new Jewish friends and find a warm, welcoming Jewish community?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Etz Chaim is the place for you!

Who We Are

We’re a vibrant network of Jewish programs in the greater Baltimore area, serving college students, young professionals, adults of all ages, and seniors. Etz Chaim is for everyone, regardless of where they are on their Jewish journey. Our fun, informal programs—most of which are totally free—will educate you, bring you closer to Jewish tradition, and introduce you to other Jews of all backgrounds. We can’t wait to welcome you!

Meet Our People

So many people's lives have been enriched through their engagement with Etz Chaim. Come experience Judaism in a meaningful way!

Meet Our Staff

Rabbi Zev Pomeranz Headshot Option 1.jpg

Rabbi Zev Pomeranz


Chana Grove Headshot Option 3.jpg

Chana Grove

J-Care Director

Rabbi Efy Flamm Headshot Option 1.jpg

Rabbi Efy Flamm

Campus Outreach - Towson University

Rabbi Shlomo Porter Headshot Option

Rabbi Shlomo Porter

Dean & President

Rabbi Benyamin Moss Headshot Option

Rabbi Benyamin Moss

J-Care Rabbi

Rabbi Shaya Swiatycki Headshot option 2.

Rabbi Shaya Swiatycki

Campus Outreach

Elana Pomeranz Headshot Option 1.jpg

Elana Pomeranz

Moms & Dads Programming

Sara Teitleman Headshot Option 1.jpg

Sarah Teitelman

Events Coordinator

Adinah Swiatycki Headshot Option 1.jpg

Adinah Swiatycki

Campus Outreach

Board Members

Rabbi Chaim Gottesman, Chairman Moshe Dejman

Nechemia Feldman

Nisa Felps

Rabbi Shraga Goldenhersh

Rabbi Zecharia Grauer

Bruce Kauffmann

Eli Klein

Rabbi Zev Pomeranz

Eli Portnoy

Yisrael Schwartz

Keren Traub

David Weinberger

Sora Wolasky

Aron Yehuda

Jewnity Committee

J-Wohoco Committee

Heather Lev

Randi Hertzberg

Allison Kehne

Ileane Platt

Jessica Alperstein

Julie Bondroff

Kerri Cohen

Edye Fox Abrams

Angela Krozy

Vicki Harvey

Donna Kasoff

Cheryl Kaufman

Amanda Pearlman

Hali Gottesman

Melanie Porter

Tanya Rakhamimov

Syndi Saltzman

Marci Scher

Sharon Galkin

Young Professionals

Micky Wolf

Miriam McBride

Arielle Messafi

Danielle Dermer

Sara Gauquil

Danielle Kasoff

Young Couples Committee


Lindsay & Austin Nusbaum

Mallory & Torrey Tarschis

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