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Personal Story

Torrey and Mallory Tarschis

When we first interviewed Torrey and Mallory Tarschis (nee Schweiger) in our 2020 Etz Chaim Review, we were congratulating the young couple on their engagement. Three years later, Torrey and Mallory are happily married, and with the support of Etz Chaim, their Jewish journeys continue.

Torrey and Mallory came to Etz Chaim after moving to Baltimore for Torrey’s engineering job. Both began studying Judaism one-on-one: Torrey with Rabbi Zev Pomeranz and Mallory with Elana Pomeranz. They also joined J-Care, a fellowship program that included learning, socializing, and volunteering. The couple credits Etz Chaim with “taking our spiritual Judaism and transforming it into action,” as Mallory puts it, inspiring them to incorporate Jewish practices like Shabbat candle-lighting into their daily lives. 

One of the couple’s favorite Etz Chaim memories is a Project Inspire Shabbat experience that Torrey’s parents also joined. Learning and observing Shabbat as a family—a first for Torrey and Mallory—was a moving experience for all. Another fond memory is an Etz Chaim Israel trip. “So many of our favorite memories together are from that trip,” Mallory says. “So many Jewish discoveries, and so many connections. It really exceeded our expectations.”

Several years ago, Torrey and Mallory started attending Sam and Olivia Volkin’s couples’ group. They gather each week with other Jewish Baltimoreans of all backgrounds to learn about Jewish perspectives on marriage and relationships. The pair also participates in monthly study sessions with Rabbi Pomeranz. “Etz Chaim continues to bring Judaism into our marriage and into our everyday lives,” says Mallory. “Even though we were both raised Jewish, it’s given us an entirely different perspective,” Torrey adds.

Torrey and Mallory plan to be a part of Etz Chaim for years to come. Torrey says: “ç” What's next for Etz Chaim? “An Etz Chaim young couples playgroup!" Mallory says with a smile. As they continue to grow, Torrey and Mallory know that Etz Chaim will be there for them every step of the way.


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