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Personal Story

Jacob Troy

Growing up in Baltimore, Jacob Troy always had a strong sense of Jewish identity. He attended Jewish day school from elementary through high school and attended local synagogues with his family. At UMBC, he connected with Chabad and Hillel. 

After graduating from college, Jacob came to Etz Chaim wanting to learn more about his Judaism. He had many questions about Jewish wisdom and practice, from the cosmic to the everyday. 

Jacob got involved with our young professionals’ programming, including Shabbat meals, volunteering, and Cocktails and Conversation. “I think that community is a really important part of being Jewish,” Jacob says. “Being surrounded by other Jewish people, especially my own age, matters a lot to me.”

Since he worked as an EMT in high school, Jacob particularly enjoyed our young professionals’ tour of Hatzalah. His favorite Etz Chaim program is Cocktails and Conversation, which he describes as “a low-pressure way to bring together people with varying mindsets who have similar questions.”

Jacob encourages other young professionals to get involved with Etz Chaim. He says: “Etz Chaim is a non-intimidating way of bringing Jews together to grow, become friends, and build community. It’s a unique opportunity for people my age—of all different levels of observance—to explore their Judaism. You’ll be received with open arms.”


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