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Personal Story

Tanya Rakhamimov

Mrs. Tanya Rakhamimov, originally from Odessa, went on JWRP’s Israel trip with Etz Chaim last year. “It was my first time in Israel and it was so emotional,” she recalled. “There were hundreds of women from all over the world - we were total strangers speaking different languages but we were all there for the same reason because we are Jewish mothers. It was a bond that connects us all throughout the world.” Her family has been more involved since she got back from the trip. “I used to have to push them to be more active but now they are more on board.” Her daughter, Allison, attended Towson University and fortunately got connected to Rabbi Efy Flam’s JCN. This year she’s doing his second level Kollel program and can’t wait to go to Israel for the first time on Birthright-Israel this winter. Mrs. Kolker will also be in Israel this winter for the second time - now as a staff member! After returning from her trip she gathered together her Russian friends and convinced them to sign up for the next JWRP trip. Etz Chaim suggested that Rabbi Paysach Diskind’s Russian outreach organization, Achim, run the trip and this winter Mrs. Kolker will be leading 16 Russian women on the very first Achim trip to Israel for Mothers. She is so excited to share the experience with others and so thankful to Etz Chaim for starting it all!


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