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Personal Story

Cameron Frostbaum

Cameron grew up with a strong Jewish background in Atlanta, GA, but only got seriously involved with Jewish learning in High School and College. He moved to Baltimore last summer after graduating from Emory to become Advancement Coordinator for the Baltimore Center Stage Theater. When he moved here he knew next to no one – but was quickly introduced to the Etz Chaim staff by his campus Rabbi back in Atlanta. “I loved getting connected to the incredible Jewish community here in Baltimore,” he said. “I’m pretty committed to continuing my Jewish education so it was amazing to start learning regularly with Rabbi Livingstone.” In addition to one-on-one learning, he also joined the J-Care Fellowship. “I’ve been doing similar Jewish programs over the past few years and I’m sometimes skeptical that it will be a repeat of the same lessons but it’s always a fresh perspective,” he explained. “That’s the beauty of Jewish learning! There’s always a new take away.” After his short stay in Baltimore, Cameron will be starting a Masters program at Yale in Theater Management this Fall. He will be sorely missed but knows he always has a home back in Baltimore!


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