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Sharon and Ron Rabinovitz

When they got married, Sharon and Ron Rabinovitz decided they wanted a warm, traditional Jewish home. They started keeping kosher, celebrated Shabbat every Friday night with homemade challah, and made sure their children started their Jewish education at a young age.

Over time, Sharon and Ron—both busy with work and raising their children—became less involved with Jewish life. That changed when Sharon visited Israel on a trip co-sponsored by Etz Chaim and the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project (now Momentum). Sharon had been to Israel as a teenager, and jumped at the opportunity to visit and learn as an adult. “That trip really changed my life,” Sharon says. “I became so much more spiritual afterward.” She began baking challah and keeping kosher again, and started participating in Sunday morning Jewish learning with the Moms’ Coffee Club.

Sharon enjoyed attending women’s programs, but wanted to get her husband involved as well. She and Ron started attending Wine and Wisdom events with Rabbi Pomeranz, and eventually went to Israel on a couple’s trip. They also decided to start volunteering Jewishly, and began participating in the Associated’s Bunches of Lunches meal delivery program.

The couple’s children were inspired by their renewed commitment to Judaism. Their son, Seth, decided to study at a yeshiva in Israel (and recently became engaged to be married!).

Sharon says, “Etz Chaim is a great way to bring Judaism back into your life.” She looks forward to staying involved and becoming a mentor to other women who are interested in Momentum, Etz Chaim, and Jewish life in general.


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