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Personal Story

Sherry and Josh Mauer

​​Sherry and Josh Mauer are passionate about Israel—and thanks to Etz Chaim, they’ve discovered a passion for Jewish learning as well.

Josh grew up in Elizabeth, New Jersey, but moved to Baltimore in 1987, when his mother, a Holocaust survivor and an artist, purchased an old firehouse that Josh converted into her home and studio. He met Sherry, a Baltimore native, and the couple had two children, Hannah and Olivia. The Mauers have long been active in the pro-Israel community—Sherry is incoming president of FIDF’s Baltimore Chapter, an office that Josh has previously held.

Both Sherry and Josh learned about Jewish heritage and tradition growing up, but they thought most adult learning was for older, more religious people. Although Josh’s mother had participated in Rabbi Porter’s seniors’ programs, the couple hadn’t been involved with Etz Chaim until a friend invited them to Wine and Wisdom. They had a great time, and felt they had finally found Jewish learning programs that were right for them.

The Mauers kept coming back to Wine and Wisdom, making new friends and developing warm relationships with Rabbi Zev and Elana Pomeranz. Sherry particularly appreciates that Elana is always there to answer her questions and learn with her. The Mauers have also been active in our book club, and their two daughters had great experiences in J-Care.

Josh and Sherry agree that Etz Chaim has something for everyone. Sherry says, “Etz Chaim has open arms for anyone in the Jewish community, regardless of where they are on their path. It’s so important to support all things Jewish, especially in your local community.” Josh concurs: “Etz Chaim is a bridge between all the different parts of the Jewish community. It’s nonjudgmental, it’s open, and it’s about sharing and being together.”


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