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Personal Story

Zach and Nadine Epstein

Zach and Nadine Epstein, originally from Chicago and Miami Beach respectively, met in college in North Carolina. The two just got married this summer and settled in Baltimore. Zach is in the process of completing a PhD in physics in College Park with a research focus on laser defense and Nadine is a career coach in Hopkins University. The Epsteins love the Baltimore Jewish community and have been attending Etz Chaim’s Jewish Philosophy and Halacha classes on Sunday, and Nadine looks forward all week to her one-on-one learning with Chana Grove. Having both become Torah-observant as adults, they love learning about all the practical ins-and-outs of Jewish life. "We feel so lucky that we got connected with Rabbi Pomeranz when we first moved to Baltimore this October. Since then, Etz Chaim has helped us find community in our new city, introduced us to amazing mentors and role models, and given us new avenues to continue our Jewish learning. We can’t wait to find new ways to become involved as we continue to make Baltimore our home!"


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